R4-B – 4 Inch Route Sheet Holder with RAM Mount

The Active Minds R4 – B/R – is a 4 inch Route Sheet Holder that gives you about a 1 inch taller window allowing more lines of the route sheet to be seen over the R3.  There is a cost to having more lines – that is bar space and a little added weight.  I prefer the RAM mount option over the bar mount for this route sheet holder and mount it to my bark busters to keep the bar clear.

This designed for the rider that wants to have as much of a heads up as possible – which I like – nothing worse than being surprised by a sudden turn finding yourself in the middle of a Hero section and not feeling much like a Hero.

Comments from many dual sport riders – ” Always looking for more of a heads up – Plus I can add critical images to confusing intersections”

Pricing – pricing is a bit more due to additional costs in materials and machine time.

R4 – B – $85.00 – Complete with Bar Mount

R4-R – $95.00 – Complete with RAM Mount